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Monday, June 27, 2016

Dead Girl arise up in the grave after being buried ALIVE!

The family of a “supposed” lifeless teenage mom breaks into her grave after hearing her yelling for help!

The teenage mom named Neysi Perez, who was three months pregnant, reportedly slump unconscious after waking up in the midnight to use the outside bathroom at her residence in La Entrada, western Honduras which caused her parents to think she was dead and bury her in a crypt.

Rudy Gonzales, the spouse, visited his wife the day after the burial and heard a banging and subdued yell from the inside of the tomb. This indicates him to announce to the family to ask help in destroying the grave open to check what he detects was his wife.

The family then severely destroy the cement in hope to recover the girl inside and was promptly sent to the hospital.

The doctors evaluated Perez but was again declared “dead” after showing no signs of life. According to the expert, she undergoes from panic seizure and cataplexy attack which tentatively hold the heart beat and temporarily lose voluntary muscle functions.

Credits: Youtube

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