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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos Ready for A Rematch!

Before the controversial fight between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos, a lot of things happen between them that’s very unfavorable. Like in the weigh in, Kiko sprayed pee to Baron and many people were not pleased with what he did and find it rude. Then a photo of Kiko showing his behinds in one podcast show that went viral. Kiko looks really fearless with what he did and like it’s a message for Baron to lick his a*s.

Last night the game results as a draw. Many netizens were disappointed with the match and the results. Many demand a rematch. According to the two actors, they are ready to have a rematch! Please watch an interview of Baron on a video below.

Credits to: Facebook

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