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Friday, June 24, 2016

10 Shocking Facts About Dreams That Will Blow Your Mind.

A long time ago dreams are interpreted as signs, omens, or messages from the Gods but on our generations today they are now explained scientifically.

From unbelievable dreams to terrifying nightmares, dreams have been a source of enchantment. Some people even presumed paths onto controlling their dreams while others settled with just finding the message behind them. The brain still functions and active through the night even your sleeping. Most of the dreams are forgotten when you wake up but sometimes, there are some that lingers long enough in your conscious mind. Want to know more? Well, here’s some pieces of information about dreams that probably blow your mind.

1. Some people dream in color while some dream in monochrome.
People who grew up with black and white tv were found to have more monochrome dreams than to those people who grew up watching in colored television.

2. You lose the ability to read or tell the time when you’re dreaming.
You’ll find that dreams, words are unclear and time tells a different time every time you look at them or sometimes the clock hands do not move at all.

3. Blind people dream.
People who weren’t born blind dream about the images they have seen while blind people dream just as vividly. However, they dream with their other senses instead of dreaming images.

4. You dream at an average of 2-3 hours in a night but forget about 90% of your dream in the first minute you wake up.
In those 2-3 hours, you may already dream 3-7 times, but you’ll just forget about them anyway.

5. Boring activities rarely appear in dreams.
Dreams like taking a bath rarely appear on dreams.

6. You can be conscious in your dreams.
Yes, it’s called Lucid Dreaming. Although some practice lucid dreaming, others experience it unintentionally. Most of the time, they wake up as soon as they realize they’re dreaming.

7. A average person dreams every 90 minutes.
The longest dream you can do is about 30-45 minutes and mostly it occurs in the morning.

8. Some people experience premonition dreams.
There are cases wherein the event that happens in real life occurred in the exact same way they dreamed about it.

9. You have seen all faces in your dream in real life.
Even if you dreamt about a complete Stanger, you stumbled across that face when your conscious.

10. Dreams are filled with symbols.
Your dreams show you symbols of your fears or happiness when youu’re awake. Even nightmares symbolizes something else.

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