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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Former adult film Maria Ozawa Admitted that she had one-night stand with Cesar Montano

Former adult film actress Maria Ozawa admits that she indeed slept with co-star Cesar Montano

In an radio show hosting that Maria Ozawa had along with DJ MO Twister(real name: Mohan Gumatay), former japanese adult film actress was asked if she had sex with Montano

Read the following transcript from Mo Twister‘s podcast, Good Times With Mo, and form your own conclusions. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Mo Twister: Please be honest now. Did you sleep with Cesar Montano or not?

Maria Ozawa: Are we online?

Mo: Of course we are. I’m gonna take that as a yes. You did? You did sleep with him? How many times? One time or a couple of times?

Maria: *giggling*

Mo: I want this answer now! How many times did you have sex with Cesar Montano? I have a feeling you did. How many times? 3 times? 2 times? Once?

Maria: *mumbling*

Mo: Once? Just once?

Maria: *laughing*

Mo: Big dick? Big dick on Cesar? Normal? Average? What are we looking at here?

Maria: I think it was big… for me. I just arrived from Japan… and the size of the Japan that I knew… it was like… whoa.

Mo: So it’s not a big dick. It’s just bigger than what you’ve seen recently.

Ozawa: Yes.

Mo: Coz obviously you’ve had sex with mega massive dicks.

Ozawa: Mega. Yeah. Back in the day.

Mo: Is he good in the bedroom? Is he a rockstar?

Ozawa: Well, it was… nice.

Mo: Quick?

Ozawa: Quick, yeah.

Mo: So two times, huh?

Ozawa: No… one. One.

Mo: Maybe twice?

Ozawa: *laughs*

Transcript Credits to inquirer.net

At the 1:05:30 mark, Maria Ozawa towords that incident starts, skip ther if you wanted to hear that confession.
Watch the video below

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