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Thursday, February 11, 2016

MUST SEE: "BINAY" spotted in the mountains of ifugao

One of the Facebook user who shared this image in ifugao mountain captioning it with “Lost here.. what’s wrong with the picture?”

If you look on it everything seems okay but when you zoom it look on the images below.

According to Wheninmanila It is unclear as to why the sign was put up, as well as who was responsible for it. There are claims from the discussion thread of the photo, though, that it was the locals who put up the sign to show their support to 2016 presidential candidate, Jojo Binay.
Jojo Binay, the incumbent Vice President, has been shown leading the presidential poll of the latest SWS Survey. He was also involved in an incident wherein he apparently got the “Say Boo” treatment during his appearance in the opening of  Sinulog 2016. VP Binay is also under criticism for allegedly faking his “Laki Sa Hirap” campaign.
Source: Wheninmanila

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