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Friday, February 26, 2016

MUST READ: Why this two bestfriend died ? Find out here, you will cry on this story

It's was so hard if your best friend died right? Sometimes you don't know what to do because the memories always come back and turn into emotion. This two friends died with a reason read the post below.
The man seen breaking down in the picture is the owner of the duck and the monkey. The duck and the monkey have been good friends since birth and have always stuck together. The monkey was playing around when it came into contact into a live wire on the ground. He touched it and got electrocuted. It screamed and couldn't let go of the electric wire and the duck came to help, trying to get the wire off from the monkey but in the same time, got electrocuted. The both of them were born best friends and died still best friends.
Doubt there are many humans like this in this world with this kind of value for friendship.

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