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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Must Read: Why Robin Padilla Called Manny Pacquiao A Hero Find Out Here!

Regarding the Issue of Manny Pacquiao about the same-s*x marriage, A Lot of People beastmode especially the LGBT because Pacman's comparison the gay to the animals until now it's trending.

Someone said that, Manny is described as a Monkey; Isa ka lang namang unggoy na Natutong magBoxing!

However Robin Padilla BB Gandanghari have different opinion regarding this issue
According to Robin he's posted on Instagram.“My senator, Public service is not selective. Protect those who are few, poor and weak. Religion has nothing to do with it or around it...My support to you will not change I still believe in your heart.... Listen to it and trust it always..... It will never mislead a HERO.”

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