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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Inspiration: Ice Cream House serves free coffee To Elderly Man because He's short on Cash

These kinds of stories was giving you an inspiration, netizen jasper costales was witnessed this an ederly man who din't have money to buy a coffee because they don't have a money a cashier was given here a free coffee.

It's nice if all food establishment was doing this, a kind heart and passion to help people

An Ice Cream House that serves coffee just melted my heart.
An elderly man walked into BTF Ice Cream House in front of St. Luke’s Medical Center. He went straight to the cashier and asked how much would a cup of coffee cost. The cashier told him it costs Php 30. The elderly man slowly walked towards the door.
The cashier went after the elderly man and asked if “kulang po ba ang pera ninyo?” The man’s silence confirmed it all.
The cashier told the elderly man to just sit down and they will give him the coffee for free. The cashier went on to ask if he needs anything more but the man politely declined.
They served the man as they would a normal customer.
My high respects for these two.
{Via Wheninmanila

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