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Sunday, November 29, 2015

This mother was sent to jail after what she did with her son! Unbelievable!

Mom sent to jail after abusing her son
A mother knows best. That is a common quote we knew in our lifetime, a mother who does all the things, and even sacrificing her own happiness for her child.

Meanwhile, in China, a mother fostering a child will go to jail for whipping a boy over an unfinished homework and for telling lies.
A court ruled on November 20, 2015 that the woman went too far with what she did by beating the boy.

Mom sent to jail after abusing her son

These graphic images shows what is viewed (as a tradition to discipline) and practiced by many Asian families. Legal experts says that this case became much more famous or known to other people, after the photos of the said boy appeared online. China Daily News reported the photos showed intense red welts on the 9-year-old body. The mother, Li, told Chinese police she beat the boy with a back scratch-er and jumping rope.

Mom sent to jail after abusing her son
Source: Inquisitr
During the Friday's trial the boy's biological parents said Li loved their son and handled the situation in the wrong way. Li apologized at the trial, but plead not guilty. She has been sentenced to
6 months in prison.

Prosecutors said that no amount of love can excuse the fact she hurt and abused the young boy. The boy is currently staying with his birth mother.

Watch the video clip below!

source: bigbang news
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