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Friday, November 13, 2015

This barber will make you go crazy with his singing talent and mesmerizing lyrics!

This barber has got the attention of netizens with his hilarious lyrics when singing this generation's popular song! Watch how he made his own lyrics and it will make you laugh for sure!

If you wonder what's the lyrics, here it is by
Geo Chavez;
Ben a long day...
Whenever your face
When I see you never going baga see you again.
Its ben a long day whenever your face,
When I see you never coming back the see you again..
Woooo. Wohoo oh oh oh...

God give me you to showy no free,
And theres so so lie and just ill be..
And now were above, istambubulalayp and now row people, never over your life when I do.... cuz god give me you..

And dareng ay pur laban you from selemy..
I thinking ba, they keep falling love wiz pi surichuwawey..
I cannot.. konomback..
Wake me up.. make me look in your licensed zumbaruwawey.
Ow darleng no baby we comai ruma wey you are.............

Papagupit ako dito. hahahaSee you again ❌ God gave me you ❌ Thinking out loud MashupVid via Khazz Suarez Aromin
Posted by Kupal Lord on Thursday, November 12, 2015

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