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Monday, November 23, 2015

An Old Man From Paris Sold His Properties to Live in the Philippines with his Filipina Girlfriend!

If you love someone, will you run every last mile just to be with him/her? How far can you go for the sake of love?

The story you're about to read is about a man who ran the extra mile just to be with his one true love!
A 61-year-old Foreigner named Bryan Reano did the most heart-touching thing just be with his true love. Bryan originally lives in Paris, France until he met Rosalinda (his present lover). Bryan surprisingly sold his properties just to live with his girlfriend in the Philippines.

He is now selling turon and lumpia for living here in the Philippines, with his girlfriend Rosalinda.
He added that he didn't expect that his life would turn upside down, yet he has no regrets because he's happily living with his Filipinas lover.

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  1. so romantic!i wish them happy long years together!also check out my new article about brides https://kovla.com/blog/all-you-have-to-know-about-russian-mail-order-brides/ here!enjoy


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