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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Viral Dance-off Video: SexBomb Originals vs. SexBomb New Generation. Which Group Prevails?

The SexBomb Girls, also known as the SexBomb Dancers, SB Girls, SB Dancers, and SBG, now known as the New Generation SexBomb Girls or SexBomb NewGen, is a Philippine dance group founded in Quezon City, Philippines, in 1999.

The girl group was a mainstay at Eat Bulaga and even had their own recording album. Some of the original Sex Bomb dancers are still active as freelancers but others have stopped dancing due to other priorities like businesses or family.

The New Generation SexBomb Girls or SexBomb NewGen is a recently-formed girl group inspired by the original dancers. A lot of netizens are curious as to the new girls can perform as well as their original counterparts.

A video recently aired in Happy Truck ng Bayan (TV5) showcased the girls dancing talents to the songs Twerk it Like Miley and Desserts. The viral video got over 5.7 million views in only 10 days. Netizens were pleased to see a showdown between 2 different generations of the same girl group.

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SexBomb Originals vs. NewGen | Happy Truck Ng Bayan (October 1...
Here's a live footage sneak peak of the dance showdown between the Original and NewGen SexBomb Girls that was aired earlier in Happy Truck ng Bayan (TV5). Get, Get Aww! :)#TatakSexBomb #WalangKupas #TwoGenerationsCollide
Posted by SB Girls (Official Fan Page) on Sunday, October 11, 2015

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