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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Videos and Photos of Robinson's Snake Man! Fact or Fiction?

The infamous urban legend of the Robinson's snake man has been one of the most well-known tales in the Philippines. It was even inspiration to a movie adaptation in Shake Rattle and Roll starring Erich Gonzales.

There were a lot of stories about the topic, including one in 2010 that said that the snake was allegedly dead. Actress Alice Dixon was rumored to be one of the snake's almost-victims and was told to be paid a large amount to keep her quiet.

In a speech Gokongwei-Pe gave at the University of the Philippines' School of Economics, she addressed the rumors, telling the graduating students of 2008:

"I have no idea who started this incredible story, but I have to tell you that some people believed it and even started staring at my legs to see if there were any signs of snakeskin. A few people still ask me about it, and I have to tell them na naging handbag na ho sa Robinsons Department Store. Thank goodness there was no Internet yet at that time, or you would start receiving photos of me with a snake's body and my kakambal na snake with a woman's legs," she said.

 In short, the snake man rumor was a hoax; but whether the snake was just a ploy by competition to scare customers is another mystery in itself.

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