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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Unsolved Medical Mystery of Woman Frozen Solid. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

One of the most shocking medical mysteries is the case of Jean Hilliard. A few days before Christmas in 1980, 19-year-old Jean Hilliard was on her way to her parents' home in Lengby, Minnesota when her car suddenly stopped. When the car wouldn't start despite her efforts, Jean decided to walk to a friend's house 2 miles away.

When she got to the driveway, she collapsed presumably from hypothermia. Her friend didn't see her until the next morning, around six hours later, laying in the snow around -22 degrees. Her stiffened body was so solid that they had to transport her like luggage because her limbs wouldn't bend or move.

Her skin was so frozen that they couldn't pierce it with a needle and they couldn't take her temperature because there was nowhere to place the thermometer.

Her attending physician Dr. Sather said. “I’ve seen a lot of people frozen like that, but I’ve never seen a case where major amputation wasn’t required and I had leveled with Jean and her parents and told them she would probably lose her both legs."

She managed to recover 49 days later without needing any operations.

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