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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trending: Facebook "Catch Your Thief" Fan Page Promotes Violence and Vigilantism!

Cecilia Rodriguez rushed to the aid of her neighbor who found a burglar in her house in Huancayo. She and other local residents apprehended the thief and held him captive for two hours until the police took him away.

Upon knowing that the thief was just freed by the police, she said "From that day onwards, we decided to spread the message in the community - that next time we catch a criminal, we won't call the police but we will punish them ourselves."

She set up a Facebook page called "Chapa Tu Choro" or "Catch your Thief", calling on others to follow her lead, and her campaign has had a dramatic effect. A lot of other Facebook fan pages with the similar message has popped up, encouraging criminal violence against alleged thieves without even determining their guilt or innocence.

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Otra captura de otro choro pero falta sarcarle la mierda pero mas duro
Posted by Chapa tu choro dejalo paralitico - Cusco on Wednesday, September 9, 2015


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