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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Newest Internet Sensation You Should Definitely Not Miss. Introducing Hasht5!

The internet is a place where anybody can do anything they want. Social media has seen the rise of stars like Yaya Dub and Pastillas Girl, but Hasht5 is none like the ones anyone has ever seen before.

A group of young boys named Marlou, Vincent, Jimwhel, Erick and Angelo collectively form the group known as Hasht5. It is one of the most trending internet boy groups garnering over 120,000 likes in just a few days since creation. Their videos have also been shared and uploaded on different fan pages.

Brimming with overwhelming confidence despite their lacking in aesthetic qualities, these boys from General Trias, Cavite, have taken Facebook and Twitter by storm.

What do you think of Hasht5?

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