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Friday, October 16, 2015

Shocking Elderly Man in Comatose After Fight over Dog! Watch the CCTV footage!

A CCTV footage in Pasay City, shows a brawl between a 73-year-old man named Rodulfo Felix and neighbors, Julius Kamasis and Ken Kamasis (nephew of Julius). The younger man, Ken, hit the old guy in the head with a chair. Even when the victim was already on the ground, Ken still continued to hit the head of the old man.

According to the barangay officials, the fight started when the old man, Rodulfo, protested the daily defecation of the Kamasis' dog in the vicinity of his home.

A lot of other people were involved, relatives of both Rodulfo Felix and Julius Kamasis. Due to the severity of the injuries he attained, the old man is currently in comatose.

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