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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pregnant Dog Buried Alive for 2 Days. Find Out More About This Shocking Story!

A pregnant dog that was buried alive under heavy stone blocks by irresponsible workers doing repairs on a pavement in the southwestern Russian city of Voronezh.

Because there were no food nor water for 2 days, the poor dog lost her unborn puppies. Belka, the pregnant dog, might have managed to crawl beneath the rubble of the collapsed pavement before it was renovated.

A married couple started hearing barking from beneath their porch. They just got back and remembered that two days ago there were workers repairing.

“We were shocked,” Aleksandra told Bloknot-Voronezh, "We rushed to ask the neighbors what had happened. They only told us that the workers had fixed the hole... I don't believe that they just failed to notice the dog. It's not a hamster. The workers probably just didn't want to make an effort and retrieve the animal. The neighbors also proved to be indifferent. They understood the poor creature got trapped. But who wants to waste their time, getting their hands dirty? No one cared."

Through their efforts, the dog was eventually rescued.

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