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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Policeman Forced to Apologize for Threatening Woman Piano Player on Social Media!

There have been a lot of instances when social media posts have gotten people into trouble especially those who work in positions that affect public welfare.

A police officer was reprimanded and forced to issue and apology for posting this on his Facebook, tagging the location Brighton Railway Station "Waiting 40 minutes for the train is a pain in the a***, but if this b**** on the piano doesn't shut the f*** up soon she'll be picking her teeth up off the live line with broken fingers..."

The incident comes a week after 2 Sussex Police officers resigned after posting a selfie of themselves at the scene of the Shoreham Airshow disaster. They were found to have caused 'inexplicable and unnecessary distress' at a hearing and would have been dismissed if they didn't resign.

PC Bridger was under the gun when an unnamed Facebook user said: "What is the difference between a police officer threatening to break someone's fingers and teeth, to the selfie? I appreciate the air crash was on a larger scale and affected so many people. But this officer works in the safeguarding vulnerable unit, which in my eyes makes his threats even worse. I think it's disgusting that it's not being treated more seriously. It looks like the police are just brushing this under the carpet."

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