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Friday, October 2, 2015

Journalists "Fired Over Eating Roast Pig" Want Compensation and Payment for Damages!

What's the worst thing you have ever been fired for? Early September, Radyo Ultra President and Station Manager, Maria Clarisa Gualberto-Sua had fired Ernie Balagot, Wenefredo “Fred” Dellava and Edgar Navarro because they allegedly ate the roasted pig that was not intended for them.

They believe that they have been fired because they ate an entire roast pig given by a son of a politician after Cagayan de Oro's celebration for the Feast of Saint Augustine.

Since the lechon (roast pig) was for Radyo Ultra, the hungry employees quickly ate most of it. Later on, they were shocked to receive word that they were supposed to deliver it to Sua's house.

They met at the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) in Cagayan de Oro for the illegal dismissal complaint by the journalists. Dellava and Navarro each wanted P500,000 in moral damages and a public apology.

"Tingin siguro nila sa amin maliit lang kaming empleyado. Well we demanded aside from the monetary consideration public apology galing sa may-ari,” Dellava said in the local dialect. (They must think we are lowly employees. Well, we demanded, aside from the monetary consideration, that the owner gives us a public apology.)

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