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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ella Cruz Responds to Chats and Mean Comments from Bashers! Check this Out!

Ella Cruz is one of the most well-known teen celebrities of this generation. She is also dubbed as Dance Princess after she uploaded videos of her dance numbers on Youtube. She's best known for her version of Twerk it Like Miley and Dessert.

On Kapamilya Chat, as part of promotion for their upcoming movie the Prenup. Ella had to read some chat and mean comments from bashers.

Here are a few of them:

"Halatang may padding yung pwet ni Ella Cruz nung nag twerk nanaman nung NCAA. Wala ba namang hati? Boyfriend ko pa nakapansin ha," the first mean Tweet read. (It's obvious that Ella Cruz's butt had padding when she twerked in NCAA. Couldn't she just have settled for half? My boyfriend was the one who noticed it.)

Ella bursts into hysterical laughter and even got off her chair to laugh some more at the camera. She said that she had been getting those allegations a lot and she has always told people that she doesn't wear padding on her behind.

"Pwede paki bura sa mundong ito si Ella Cruz! Much hate!" (Please erase Ella Cruz from this world! Much hate!)

"I have no hate against Ella Cruz kaso umay na ako sa pwet nya jusko!" (I have no hate against Ella Cruz but her ass makes me feel bad OMG!)

Despite all the harsh and negative words, the teen actress still laughs out loud like it's no big deal. She also gives advice to haters who are insecure that they should focus on themselves and love themselves.

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