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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum to Create Sculptures!

Art comes in many shapes, forms and sizes, a recent creation that resulted from pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant colony looked very Avant Garde.

Before you complain that they are killing innocent ants, the anthills they are targeting are called the Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA), which are harmful to the environment.

From Wikipedia: "Researchers have also been experimenting with extreme temperature change to exterminate RIFAs [red imported fire ants], such as injecting liquid nitrogen or pressurized steam into RIFA nests. Besides using hot steam, pouring boiling water into ant mounds has been found effective in exterminating their nests."

There are at least 120 colonies in an area of 3 acres! That's a lot of fire ants!

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