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Monday, September 28, 2015

Viral Video: Dramatic Footage of Narrowly Escaping Raging California Inferno!

California's Valley Fire in Lake County grew at a scary fast rate reaching 50,000 acres in under 24 hours. The California Inferno overtook the community of Middletown, Cobb, Lake and Amador.

A video shot by someone escaping Anderson Springs has terrified and amazed viewers worldwide.

"It was very scary driving out, I burned myself on the driver's side window! Just happy everyone is safe...," wrote the Youtube user, MulletFive, who posted the video. California is in its worst drought in history, which turned the entire state into a tinderbox, with vegetation ready for fire.

The Youtube video has gotten over 814,000 views in over two weeks, with the people in the comments section noting that since he didn't panic throughout the whole thing, he managed to get out of the situation safe.

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Via Mashable

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