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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Viral: TV Host Mocking Video Game Spectating Sparks Outrage in the e-Sports Community

American TV show host Jimmy Kimmel mocked the gaming industry with his comments regarding "video gaming spectating", as well as a spoof skit that allegedly proves his point regarding the matter.

The video started by introducing YouTube and their latest platform called YouTube Gaming - a network line dedicated to streaming live online games played by other people. Kimmel, however, claims that the concept of "people watching other people play" is similar to "going to a restaurant and watching other people eat your food". The video got over 1 million views but with over 120,000 dislikes in a week after upload, due to angry Video Gamers getting upset about the content of his video.

 You can watch the video here:

In response to his "offensive" video, Youtube comments erupted with so much flame, that Kimmel made another skit, which also got 1.3 million views and over 86,000 dislikes in a span for 4 days after upload.

You can watch the response video here:

With what transpired, the Electronic Sports League (ESL), also had something to say regarding the matter but with a more positive vibe:

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