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Monday, September 14, 2015

Video: Shocking Footage of a Really Large Man Arrest for Drunken Rage! Is This the World's Most Drunk Hotel Guest?

A morbidly obese man wreaked havoc in a hotel in Cebu, Philippines. The really big man stumbles around the corridors with nothing but his underwear.

Concerned hotel guests called the Police and they attempt to subdue the man who was crying incoherently, telling them to kill him. Due to his size, the police had to make use of the hotel's luggage trolley to roll him out.

Because of his large size, eight men had to lift him off the trolley and into the ambulance (because he was too big for the police van).

Former TV news cameraman Ian Maclean caught the scene on film when he was visiting a friend at a hotel in the Philippines, Southeast Asia.

He said: "While we were in the room I heard a loud commotion – yelling, banging, dishes being smashed. I grabbed my video camera and ran down the hallway to investigate. I found a very large drunk guy in underwear, with local police trying to subdue him. He was wild and completely out of control, threatening the police. They called for back-up and struggled to get handcuffs on him because his wrists were so large. We checked his room to survey the damage and found five bottles of whiskey – two of them empty! Because of his massive size, they had to figure out how to get him from the third floor down to the lobby. The cops finally got him into a luggage cart and into the elevator. He wouldn't fit in the police van so they called for a larger ambulance, strapped him in and off he went to the hospital."

Do you think he's the world's most drunk hotel guest?

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Via Mirror

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