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Friday, September 18, 2015

Video: Nine-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Gun Instructor with Uzi Sub-Machine Gun!

Charles Vacca, an instructor at the Last Stop shooting range in Arizona, was killed when his small student, 9-year-old Jean Casarez accidentally shot him dead.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Department, the little girl had said that the weapon was too powerful and it hurt her, delaying the family from realizing Vacca had been shot. Vacca had shown the girl how to fire the weapon, the range instructor told police, and she had gotten a couple of rounds off with Vacca’s help before he let her hold the weapon herself. During which, the girl began shooting the gun, but “due to the recoil, the weapon went straight up in the air” and Vacca was shot in the head. Video footage, shot by the girl’s mother and sent to police, captured Vacca setting the gun to “automatic” before he was killed.

The instructor died in the hospital the night after being shot in the head on the morning of August 25. His family will not be pressing criminal charges in fear that the event will traumatize the young girl's life.

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Via Washington Post

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