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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trending Video: Students Mauled by Sidewalk Vendors

A bus passenger took a video of an encounter between students and unnamed sidewalk vendors in Cubao, Philippines. Caught on video was a guy wearing black punching one student with shorts; the student fell due to the strength of the impact.

According to the initial investigation by the Police, the students were waiting for their classmates when the watch and cellphone vendors got angry at them for allegedly standing in the pathway.

This led to an argument, punching and brawl between the 2 groups. One of the vendors used a thick piece of wood (2"x2"), According to a relative of one of the students, it wasn't a fight but a mauling.

The vendors fled from the scene. The three students filed a formal complaint of physical injuries at the Quezon City Police Station 7 (QC Police Station 7). The police are currently investigating the incident.

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