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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trending: Rica Peralejo Apologizes for Social Media Outburst on St. Lukes Hospital

Rica Peralejo set Social Media ablaze when she made statements on her accounts (Instagram and Facebook) about her recent visit to the doctor. She had taken to Facebook to express her dismay at the display of unprofessional behavior by the nurses and staff of St. Luke's Medical Center Global Taguig.

The issue exploded and a lot of  her Instagram followers have also expressed their disappointment at her behavior. (according to Rica, her Instagram took a life of its own and followers started fighting her and each other).

She blogged about the whole event to clear up any misunderstandings and issued a letter of apology to those who were affected by the issue.

Below is Rica’s letter of apology:

The very first song my son’s ever liked is the one from Book of Life called “The Apology Song” and I am attaching it here with a sincere apology to all the nurses who got so emotionally charged with my mistake of calling them out on social media, especially the ones from St.Luke’s, since I now see how bad it got from the other threads.

Forgive my ignorance for calling medical secretaries nurses in a post stating my discontent with St.Luke’s. I really did not mean to get at you, but more the hospital for policies that allow such but I see that it has gotten out of hand. Intention aside, I accept this was a consequence of an action I could have thought about thrice or four times even before doing. Some of you were right. I should have immediately clarified those were not nurses and I was not able to do that. The Instagram post that I made was not enough to retract the scale of how this just went all over crazy online. So here I am making it clear : NOT NURSES but probably med secs, or staff of doctors in the clinic as clarified by SLMC Global, and I am sorry for not being clear about that!!!

So do accept my peace offering?

If you also want to know why I did not do this right away is because I really didn’t think the nurses were mad at me because of my post but more like the headlines. But seeing some really got offended, I knew I had to post this at least. I was so concentrated on such policies and companies that it escaped me that individuals were affected. So again, sorry!!! :)

PS : no nurse got fired or reprimanded by the way because they immediately figured it did not happen in the main hospital; also, SLMC’s policy is to sanction at first offence, and not unemploy harshly.

Here is a link to her blog post about the incident!

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