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Friday, September 11, 2015

Trending: Filipina Singers "Fourth Power" Admit to Competing Various Competitions Before X-Factor!

Almira, Celena, Mylene and Irene also known as Fourth Power auditioned in X Factor UK. The viewers who recognized the Filipina quartet from various talent and singing competitions questioned their legitimacy.

During an interview in This Morning, the girls said that they are simply chasing their dreams and they wanted to impress Simon Cowell. They also admitted to joining various contests under different screen names.

'We're chasing our dreams wherever it's possible,' they explained. 'We want to reach our dreams of having that prize and helping our family to have our own house and not be transferring about in different parts of Manila.'

An X Factor spokesperson confirmed after Saturday's show in a statement that the group's audition came about of their 'own accord' in the summer, adding that the band were 'not approached' beforehand. "Their interview in the program clearly said that they had been performing together since 2001 and had competed in various places. There are no rules preventing anyone who has appeared on other shows from applying for The X Factor."

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Via Daily Mail

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