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Monday, September 14, 2015

Star Magic Ball Preparation: How Much Celebrities Spend for The Event!

The Star Magic Ball happens once a year and this Philippine celebrities anticipate the event as a chance to show off designer gowns and their lovely escort/partner.

How much does a celebrity usually spend on this momentous occasion?

For starters, celebrities often hire a Stylist to achieve a desired look with a rate of P5,000 to P80,000 depending on the experience and services offered.

This year's theme is nude champagne and beige with gowns' price ranging from P15,000 to P150,000; and black or white suits' price ranging from P15,000 (off-the-rack), P30,000 to P80,000 local designers, and P45,000 to P500,000 international brands.

For accessories, clutch bags cost P3,000 to P18,000; diamonds cost (rented or bought) P50,000 to millions. Hair and make-up P2,500 to P50,000.

What do you think? Are you ready to spend a minimum of P50,000 on just one night?

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Via Adobo News

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