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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shocking Footage of Jeep Rolling Down the Road While Engulfed in Flames!

This outrageous video shows a blue jeep rolling down the road while being lit in huge flames.

This was filmed by locals who were confused and amazed at this enflamed vehicle moving down a road in Tallaght, Ireland, on September, 2015. "It's rolling away!" exclaims one of the children as it indeed is a strange sight.

The flames continued even though the jeep stopped rolling after a while. Heavy black smoke can also be seen rising from the rear of the car.

Witnesses allege that a female driver and passenger got out of the jeep and set it on fire right before leaving the jeep to roll on its own.

Guards in Tallaght said they would investigate although they were unaware of the incident.

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Via Independent

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