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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PLDT Finally Signs IP Peering Agreement with PHOpenIX

The office of Senator Bam Aquino announced that PLDT has finally agreed to be part of the local IP peering group, Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PHOpenIX), which is maintained by DOST ASTI (Department of Science and Technology- Advanced Science and Technology Institute).

PHOpenIX is the only Exchange in the Philippine Internet industry operated by a neutral institution that allows the exchanges of Internet traffic in a free-market environment among local internet and data service providers; the members of the PHOpenIX include Sky Broadband, Eastern Telecoms, Globe Telecom, Birstop Networks, Comclark, Bayantel, DataOne, Akamai, PhilCom, BellTel, DataOne Asia and many others.

The only one that had not joined the local IP peering is PLDT, which is one of the reasons why some sectors are placing blame on the telecommunications company for the slow Philippine internet. PLDT had been avoiding calls from both private and public sector to join PHOpenIX.

This development will finally resolve that issue that has been the subject of debates and even a senate inquiry led by Sen. Bam Aquino.

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