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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Party-Goers Put Away for Shockingly Lewd Acts!

A Czech man was given oral pleasure by a kneeling transgender, they were both arrested by the 2 security guards who saw them at the Mango Square in Cebu, Philippines.

Peter Slavik, 24, and Samuel "Sam Pinto" Sauro, 26, at the third floor of the establishment's parking area at around 4:20 am. Slavik was supposed to go to Oslob and swim with the whale sharks but instead had to spend it in a prison cell instead.

Security guards Junrey Bardago and Jefferson Navara had brought the offenders to Police Station 2 in Fuente with claims that they saw the Czech native being given a blowjob by the tranny.

Sauro admitted to the incident, saying that the act was a result of their mutual feelings.

Slavik, however, denied the activity, saying that the person he was with wasn't even beautiful. “She was just touching me... It was dark. She was, like, blurred,” he said; thinking that Sauro was a woman at first.

Chief Inspector David Señor, the station’s officer-in-charge, said they will file today complaints of grave scandal, a violation of the Revised Penal Code, against Slavik and Sauro. Señor said they are currently preparing documents about Slavik to be submitted to the Regional Intelligence Division 7 and then to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila.

Slavik, apparently traumatized by the incident, says that he never wants to come back to Cebu.

Via Sunstar

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