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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Luis Manzano Tells Followers to Unfollow Him Instead of Reporting His Posts!

Luis Manzano is a comedian, host and actor who is known for posting videos he thinks are funny. Most of the videos he likes to share on his Instagram are either from America's Funniest Videos or Jackass.

He posted a rant after one of the actor's posts was removed by Instagram due to allegedly not following the site's community guidelines.

“To whoever reports my videos, please do the right thing and unfollow if you don’t like my post. You chose to follow so by all means unfollow if you don’t like the content! It’s as if you are invited to someone’s house and then rearrange their furniture because it’s not your thing. Don’t be an idiot, just unfollow me."

Luis’ Instagram profile description says, “IF YOU DONT LIKE MY POSTS, PLEASE UNFOLLOW OR YOU WILL GET BLOCKED.”

Fans and followers of the actor has shown their support and assured them that they think his sense of humor is awesome.

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