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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Korean Man Begs Netizens for Help after Seeing Girlfriend without Make-up

Women have always had the power to look a hundred times more attractive with the right makeup technique and beauty products. But how much is "too much"?

A Korean guy seeks advice when he saw his girlfriend's bare face for the first time.

The title was “I Was Really Shocked After Seeing Girlfriend’s Bare Face." Below is the direct translation of his post:

“Girls, please help me.
I’m currently on vacation with my girlfriend and saw her bare face for the first time.
She is sleeping right now but
I’m really stressed and cannot sleep.
I’m so shocked so I decided to leave a post here.
She has never shown me her bare face for the last 300 days we have been dating.
She always appeared perfect and was late to many of our dates.
She admitted that her bare face is really different
and confessed that she was showing her bare face to a boyfriend for the first time.
I was so happy to hear that and then when I saw her face…..
First of all, I thought her face was white until not but..
her face was reddish-brown….. I was shocked to discover that.
But most shocking of all, how can someone’s appearance change so much due to her eyes?
My girlfriend’s eyes changed so drastically…
It seemed like before and after double eyelid surgery or something..
Her eyes were big and beautiful looking like Taeyeon’s eyes.
But after she removed her makeup, her eyes seemed to be staring like she had complaints about society…
I’m not being judgmental towards her face
but really, she seemed like a different person;;
I don’t even know why I’m acting this way..
I reacted very calmly when she showed me her bare face
and my girlfriend didn’t feel bad or anything either..
I told her to show me the process of her putting on make-up…
She is currently sleeping next to me, but
she literally seems like another person……. What do I do..
It feels like this…
I don’t think I would be able to recognize my girlfriend if she passed me in the streets with her bare face…
We are going to play tomorrow and I’m going to take her home.
Then I’m going to return on and read the comments so please give me advices..”

He got a total of 868 likes and 51 dislikes on his post.
Here are some of the comments he received from his post:

[ +260 / -3] “But why? I think I would react the same way if the bare face is drastically different. I understand fully because my ex-boyfriend always carried BB cream with him but I was shocked when I saw his bare face”
[ +256 / -2] “The girl stupidly really showed her true bare face”
[ +203 / -6] “It’s not that the face is ugly but the feeling of betrayal for hiding it”

How would you feel if you were the girlfriend and you found out? Watch the video of Korean stars without their make-up, share the article and let us know what you think in the Today in Manila comments section below!

Via Koreaboo

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