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Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Filipino Musicians Can Work in the United Kingdom!

The United Kingdom opens its doors to artists, painters, musicians or entertainers; depending on what you will be doing and how long, various VISAs are available for entry into UK.

Many go to the UK to just perform at an event or a concert or hold an exhibit; there are some who find employers willing to grant sponsored employment or what used to be called work permit.

If the planned stay in the UK is short and is only under 1 month, you might wish to apply for the Permitted Paid Engagement Visa.

If you are able to find an employer prepared to give you a Certificate of Sponsorship, you could apply for and obtain a Tier 2 Migrant Visa as an Entertainer.

There is a labor market test or recruitment exercise in Tier 2 where a sponsor needs to show that only you could fulfill their requirements. The exception to this is if the work you are proposing to do is in the Shortage Occupation List.

In the Shortage Occupation List, one could apply for any of the following jobs without having to go through a labor market test:

1. Artist in the category of Animator in Film, Television or Video Games
2. Dancers or choreographers in ballet and contemporary dance
3. Musicians in an orchestra
4. Arts Officers, Producers and Directors
5. Graphic Designers

One of the best things to do is to enter what is called Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) if your talent in arts and culture is recognized around the world. This means that you already have a name and is already considered an expert in your chosen field, or otherwise show potential to become an expert in your field worldwide.

There must be a designated body, such as the Arts Council, which can prove your standing in your field.

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