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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Guy Went Missing for Two Years. They Found Him in a Place They Least Expected!

There are a lot of shocking stories about people disappearing without a trace but this is perhaps one of the most terrifying and shocking of them all.

A man named Andrey Gorbov suddenly vanished without informing anyone of his whereabouts. His family and friends search and waited, hoping that after a couple of years he'll just come back or at least call to inform them where he is.

A few years later, they lost all hope and his wife, decided to sell the missing man's untouched car. They were surprised by what they found in the backseat of Andrey's car: a couple of suicide notes and the untouched remains of a man they believed to be Andrey.

The notes say that he's sorry for being a bad father and that he apologizes to his wife for being a bad husband. He even asked the Police Department to never blame anyone for what happened to him and admits that  he committed suicide.

He also wrote his 5 last wishes: 1) Incineration 2) Do not take remains if you want. 3) I don't need a funeral feast. I insist. 4) Don't tell my mother. 5) Forget me.

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Via Cracker Daily

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