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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Duterte's Final Decision: Not Running for President on 2016, Possibly Retire from Politics

It's no secret that Rodrigo Duterte is one of the netizens' most favorite politician along with Defensor-Santiago. He, however, extinguished all hopes of faithful followers when he announced that he will not run for presidency on the next election year.

He made the announcement to a crowd of supporters, a few of them in tears. He said that the decision was made after consulting with his family, since it's no secret that former Davao mayor, Sara, was against her dad running for president although Duterte's son had said he would support whatever decision his father made.

"After consulting my family and everybody else connected to my life, I would like to categorically state now and also for the agony of those waiting for those who believe in me: hindi ako tatakbo pagkapresidente (I'm not running for presidency.)" the mayor said.

"Wala ako ambisyon in 2016. May usapan kami ni Inday Sara, pero hindi pa buo, na I'm asking her to run for mayorship," he said. (I have no ambitions for 2016. I've spoken to Inday Sara, although it's not final yet, I'm asking her to run for mayorship.) "In 2016, I will retire from public life for good. I believe it's no longer my time to be in politics," he added.

He was teary-eyed and did not entertain questions from reporters.

He had ranked 3rd in presidential preference surveys. There have been talks that Duterte supporters from Manila will rally to try to convince the Davao mayor to change his mind and run for presidency.

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