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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Duterte Makes Tourist Choose Punishment for Disobeying Anti-Smoking Law. The Man's Choice is Shocking!

Rodrigo Duterte made waves in Social media again when a story of him confronting a tourist who insisted on smoking despite Davao City's strict non-smoking policy. The "Iron Fist" raises admiration from the general public when he shows how he implements rules his city.

Allegedly, the tourist was being defiant when the restaurant owner (Duterte's friend) told him that smoking was not allowed. The person contacted the police while the tourist continued to smoke.

Upon the arrival of the Mayor, the tourist quickly extinguishes his cigarette with his foot. Knowing about the incident prior, Duterte told the smoker to choose between the three punishments: getting shot in the balls, getting thrown into prison or being made to swallow his cigarette butt.

The tourist quickly picks up his discarded cigarette and swallows it.

Learn more about the incident in the Facebook post:

Discovering DavaoDEFIANT SMOKER'S LESSON:DON'T DARE RODY DUTERTEBy Manny PiƱolA local tourist who was in Davao City...
Posted by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President 2016 on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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