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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Business: How Does a Quality Filipino Restaurant Stand the Test of Time?

Via Mare Seafood Specialty Restaurant first opened on September 5, 1975 and they are celebrating their 40th Anniversary. They operate the Cafe Via Mare, a dining concept that has been hailed as a pioneer at creating a truly Filipino café. Also along with it is The Via Mare Oyster Bar, an upscale seafood dining restaurant well-known for its oyster menus, and lastly the much-awarded Via Mare Catering, a mobile catering services provider for the business, government and social sectors of Manila as well as other major cities of the country.

Talking to INQUIRER.net for their 40th anniversary, Via Mare President and Chief Executive Officer Glenda Barretto shared how their restaurant became a beloved household name. “We try to inculcate a culture of quality in everything we do: from the service, to the tableware, to the food and to the presentation. I am very passionate about that. I guess it rubbed off on them,” Barretto said.

Mrs. Marcos, upon seeing what I do, and by her influence, began serving Filipino food during state dinners. She said: ‘Let us just refine our Filipino food and the next time we have a state dinner, we will serve Filipino food.’ She always wanted the best of Filipino cuisine,” she said.

Meanwhile, Barretto also imparted words of wisdom to aspiring restaurateurs:

“Work hard. Be consistent. Always maintain the quality (of your food),” she said, “You cannot get sick, you cannot get tired. You just have to do it. You should have the drive."

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Via Inquirer

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