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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Viral Video: Filipinas Find "Glass Shards" in Lucky Me Pancit Canton Pouches. Watch the Shocking Outcome!

Social media has become an avenue for people to share their woes, opinion, as well as helpful information for the general public. A video about glass shards in a popular instant noodle brand has caused a stir in Facebook as users debate the validity of the claim.

Facebook user Pyrrhus Troy Bayron took their concern about alleged glass shards found in a sealed packet of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. In the video, they opened packets of the soy sauce container, which contained crystal-like particles that allegedly would not melt along with the other melted hard soy sauce.

The video has gotten 1.9 million views and 140,000 shares, with mixed reactions from the netizens. Lucky Me has released a statement or quick visual guide regarding the video. It's safe to note that the water the women used in the video were not hot since the salt have retained their crystal form.

As indicated, the explanation for this is actually found in all Lucky Me packets:

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Tignan nyo po ito akala nmin hndi totoo ung nasa fb na nakikita nmin pero nagulat kaming lhat true po pala ingat po tyong lhat don't eat lucky me pancit canton!
Posted by Pyrrhus Troy Bayron on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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