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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Viral: Homeless Man With Awesome Football Skills Gets Ignored. What Happens Next is Shocking!

A video of a homeless man in Madrid City Center showing off his football (soccer) skills recently became viral. He was playing on his own for the most part as the majority of onlookers barely paid any attention. In fact, when he asked a girl for her number, she blatantly refused.

The "homeless" man was actually a professional Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid Club de FĂștbol or Real Madrid C.F. The Portuguese star did his prank in Plaza del Callao, one of the busy districts in Central Madrid.

A young boy, probably around 11 to 14 played ball with the undercover player, which earned him a signed autograph from the Soccer pro. Cristiano Ronaldo removed his disguise and the crowd that ignored him a while back came running to take pictures or get a closer look at the heartthrob.

Watch the video and share your opinions in the comments section below!

Via Now Magazine

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