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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Viral: Former Police Shoots Neighbors Dog Because It Was Noisy. Daughter Boasts About Slaughter in Facebook and Sparks Outrage from Netizens!

Pets and animals die everyday but those that are shot or murdered cause outrage and shock to the owners. A girl named Elaine Fermin posted on Facebook that her dog had been shot by a neighbor, a former policeman.

The plot thickens, however when a Facebook user Rox Cecille Lizardo posted that her father had gunned down their neighbors dog. The status she posted was documented by concerned netizens, shared and re-posted all over Facebook and fan pages, hoping for action from PAWS or any agency that might help bring justice to the murdered animal.

Further investigation on the status and posts of Lizardo has pointed out that her father was responsible for the dog murder.

Read the following screenshots from Facebook and Twitter.

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