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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Viral: FIlipino Steward Accused of Stealing Money. Read about this Shocking Incident!

In aircrafts, stewards and stewardesses are the "face" of the airline. They are the people we see and interact with as we embark on their aircraft. Imagine the damage it would do if people were to find out that these employees were doing something that makes us lose our trust toward them.

A post of Facebook user Henry Wong recently became subject of interest when a flight attendant at Cebu Pacific allegedly stole money from passengers of the Cebu Pacific flight from Kalibo, Aklan to Changsha, China. According to news reports, 3 passengers of the August 11 Cebu Pacific Flight 5j52 discovered that they were missing cash amounting to around 8,000 Chinese Yuans (around Php58,000) from their luggage upon reaching their destination.

According to reports, the passengers complained the theft to the police who immediately conducted an investigation. The suspect allegedly ran to the toilet and attempted to flush down some money into the bowl; and the investigation also revealed cash in the garbage bin.

Henry Wong's recount of the incident:

This was a male flight attendant of Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J52 from Kalibo to Changsha, China early this week. He...
Posted by Henry Wong on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Cebu Pacific Management has released a statement regarding the incident, saying that they are currently conducting an investigation and putting accused parties on paid leave. If found guilt, the flight crews' licenses may be revoked.

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