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Friday, August 14, 2015

Viral: Father Murders Family of 8. The Reason is Shocking as the Act Itself!

How far would you go to do the "Will of God"? A black man facing capital murder for the ruthless killing of 6 children and 2 adults said that he was only doing God's work.

David Conley from Texas murdered her ex-girlfriend Valerie Jackson, her husband Dwayne Jackson and six children (including his own son Nathaniel) all in the "name of the Lord".

“They (his ex-girlfriend and her husband) did evil stuff all the time,” said David Conley, 48, in a jailhouse interview with DailyMail, “I was doing my part as God asked me to do. God asked me to help them. God says in the Bible thou shall not disrespect thy mother and thy father.”

He said that his son Nathaniel had been disrespectful to him and he blamed the environment he grew up in (his ex-girlfriend and new family). Conley has had a criminal history of assault, with several of the charges coming from the same place as the murders. He is facing life sentence and possible death penalty.

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Via Western Journal

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