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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Video: Drunk Guy Arrested for Not Turning Off Gadgets and Punching Passenger. Watch the Shocking Footage!

A drunk man started a fight with one of the passengers in an aircraft, after he was called out for refusing to adhere to the rules of United Flight 5587. He was told by the flight attendant to turn the device off but he repeatedly ignored her, forcing the captain to make a turn-around and return to the terminal of the airport to hand him over to the Chicago Police.

The regulation that no communication devices must be used during a flight has been in effect since 1991 and there have only been very few times when the aircraft staff had to ungracefully exit a rogue passenger. Adam Kealing of Austin Texas was one of the rare instances when they had to actually use assistance of the police to nullify the situation.

To make matters worse, prior to disembarking the aircraft, he initiated a fight with a passenger who was wearing a seat-belt by punching passenger's face, catching everyone by surprise. He continued to resist arrest even as he was escorted out of the premises.

Kealing was taken to the hospital for an unrelated medical issue and one police officer was treated for a minor hand injury relating to the incident. Adam Kealing earned himself four misdemeanors: which included resisting arrest and battery causing bodily harm; his court date is on August 23.

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Via Road Warrior Voices

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