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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trending: 10 Reasons Why Netizens Can't Get Enough of Yaya Dub. Find out What They are!

Maine Mendoza is perhaps one of the most talked-about new celebrities. She has successfully emerged from her Dubsmash beginnings into a popular noontime show Eat Bulaga. Her fan base grows everyday and her love team with Alden Richards trends daily in Social Media.

But what makes this young woman such a favorite among fans and netizens?

Here are 10 reasons why netizens just can't get enough of Yaya Dub/ Maine Mendoza:

  1. Her Dubsmash videos are funny. She's called Philippine Dubsmash Queen for a reason.

  2. She's a kid at heart. She enjoys candies and making jokes.

  3. She makes time for her friends. Even with her busy schedule, she takes the time to see her friends and bond with them.

  4. She's all-natural. Not a strand of pretense/artificiality in her body and personality.

  5. She gives us funny advice on how to handle awkward situations. Just throw in a dash of personality!

  6. She is adored by kids.

  7. She loves dogs.

  8. She is not only pretty but she is also funny.

  9. She cares for Lola Nidora even though the old lady is very strict.

  10. She has chemistry with Alden Richards. AlDub ♥ is the hottest love team right now and fans are even asking for an AlDub movie!

Do you agree with the list? What are the reasons you like Yaya Dub?

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