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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shocking: Own Families Want Execution of Suspects in Rape-Slay of 13-Year-Old Maranaw Girl

The families of the suspects in the rape-and-murder of a 13-year-old Maranaw girl had volunteered the execution of the four accused. They had allegedly signed waivers to allow the vengeful family members or relatives of the dead girl to kill the suspects to prevent possible harm on their own clan.

"Ayaw na nilang lumaki pa ang gulo. Ayaw nilang magkaroon ng 'rido' between their families and the relatives of the slain child," a local official said. (They don't want the mess to get any bigger. They don't want a rift between their families and the relatives of the slain child.)

The four confessed rape suspects Jabbar Macacua, Elias Pimping, Salman Udag and Jalil Sani had been killed one after another by angry relatives of the victim after being free from police custody. They had been released due to lack of complainants but have been found dead in Lake Lanao where they were executed and finished with rifle shots in the head.

"Justice served," a lot of people have said regarding the issue. Perhaps the slain girl's soul will be put to rest.

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Via PhilStar

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