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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Racist Man Posed with Sword in Middle of Street After Stabbing Random People

A strange incident wherein a Chinese man stabbed a random woman to death in the middle of Beijing. He had been heard saying that he "hated Americans" before launching the attack.

Using a meter-long sword, the man who has been named Gao, allegedly inquired if the woman's husband was American before swinging the weapon at them; and killing the woman by stabbing her.

The victims were French tourist Mariaud Romain, husband of the tattoo artist, Gu Wenqing from the Shandong province. The woman's funeral took place in Beijing.

Her sister, Gu Wendi, has confirmed the victim had no connection with the suspect, who was seen walking around the area with a sword for three consecutive days prior to the tragic incident. Speaking to the Global Times, Wendi said: “The murderer said he hated Americans and asked whether my brother-in-law was an American,”

“My brother-in-law replied that he is French and asked him not to hurt them. But the man stabbed them in the back when they walked past him.” The crazed suspect remains in police custody.

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