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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Man Beats Up Beautiful Online Love Interest for Being Ugly in Real Life. What Happens Next is Shocking!

In this digital age, romances happen in Smartphones and Dating websites. People make time, emotional and financial investments without fully knowing the person they are involved with.

A story about a man named Huang captivated the sympathy and outrage of netizens in an all-too-familiar scenario of Online Romance Gone Bad. An oval-faced, porcelain-skinned woman named Xiaojin lives in Wenzhou, whom Huang met online through WeChat. Spending thousands of dollars, he flew to Wenzhou to meet his crush.

However, he was soon disappointed when Xiaojin was fat and pimply, contrary to her WeChat photo where she was skinny and she had clear skin. The two argued in public which resulted in Huang physically assaulting the lady.

They were both taken to the police station but no formal charges have been filed. Huang went home the same day, swearing off of online romance for the rest of his life.

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